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About BRILLIANT Light Source

We are a comprehensive and competitive procurement service focused on lighting and lighting controls equipment. We manage, purchase and deliver high-quality lighting equipment on budget and on schedule.

WE MANAGE a transparent, reliable and predictable method to implement complex, high quality lighting systems, with an experienced team of owners, contractors and architects.

WE PURCHASE with design and industry experience, to deliver comprehensive lighting solutions that will achieve the design and performance goals within budget.

WE DELIVER this service throughout
the USA and to international customers from
Asia to Europe.




BRILLIANT Light Source is managed by experienced lighting specialists with extensive expertise in lighting systems design, engineering, specifications, and product performance.


We utilize a transparent process to document unit price and delivery with thorough back-checks and submittals between the project designers, contractors and owners. We ensure a complete and accurate set of materials delivered directly to the site, confirming details and ensuring constructability. Pricing matrices and purchase orders are supplied to the client to illustrate the purchased materials meet the quality and budget objectives of the project.


Our team knows how to buy and deliver the highest quality lighting brand name products to any market around the world with factory direct prices. We purchase equipment on a large volume basis and pass these savings on to the Owner. By dealing direct with factory sales, our team is better able to manage delivery commitments for time sensitive projects.


We replace the typical methods of lighting material purchase through subcontractors and multiple regional distributors with a more streamlined process direct to the specified manufacturer. By providing materials directly to our clients without the cost increases and markups typical to these multiple layers within the normal supply chain, we are able to reduce costs, eliminate errors, streamline delivery and deliver the expected level of quality.


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